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Superiors and Excellents All Around!

The Choir and Band students traveled to Osmond on Friday April 21st to compete in their District Music Contest. Both departments came home with top ratings-Superior and Excellent. 
Superior Ratings: (24 total)
  • Women's Chorus
  • Mixed Duet (Andrew and Hannah Rembert)
  • Female Solo (Haley Dickes)
  • Female Solo (Trisha Dybdal)
  • Girls Duet (Sadie Uhing and Clarissa Paltz)
  • Flute Duet (Maggie Wiebelhaus and Cassidy Ulrich)
  • Female Solo (Maggie Wiebelhaus)
  • Female Solo (Hannah Rembert)
  • Alto Sax Solo (Marie Rokusek)
  • Tuba Solo (Laura Steffen)
  • Mixed Brass Duet (Laura Steffen and Blase Rokusek)
  • Piano Solo (Sydney Christensen)
  • Mixed Chorus
  • Flute Solo (Cassidy Ulrich)
  • Male Solo (Andrew Rembert)
  • Clarinet Solo (Hannah Rembert)
  • Concert Band
  • Men's Chorus
  • Swing Choir
  • Trumpet Solo (Matthew Rokusek)
  • Trumpet Solo (Sadie Uhing)
  • Piano Solo (Haley Dickes)
  • Girls Sextet (Senior Girls: Ashley Pick, Maggie Wiebelhaus, Hannah Rembert, Lauren Steffen, Sydney Christensen, Haley Dickes)
  • Jazz Band
Excellent Ratings: (8 total)
  • Sax Duet (Marie Rokusek and Elena Paltz)
  • Female Solo (Alea Reifenrath)
  • Trumpet Trio (Sadie Uhing, Clarissa Paltz, Matthew Rokusek)
  • Girls Trio (Lauren Steffen, Sydney Christensen, Hannah Rembert)
  • Female Solo (Lauren Steffen)
  • Girls Duet 1 (Syndey Becker and Sydney Steffen)
  • Girls Duet 2 (Maggie Wiebelhaus and ?)
  • Brass Ensemble (Blase Rokusek, Reid Arens, Nicholas Paltz, Laura Steffen, Sarah Lammers, Andrew Rembert)