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Academics » Grading System

Grading System

A Superior 93-100%
B Above Average 86-92%
C Average 78-85%
D Below Average 70-77%
F Failing Below 70%
IN Incomplete  
An incomplete grade (IN) indicates that the student has been achieving passing work but still must meet certain requirements before his/her grade can be determined. An incomplete (IN) is given when circumstances have legitimately impeded a student from completing his/her class requirements before grades were turned into the central office.

Ordinarily, a student will be given one week to make up an incomplete grade, beginning when report cards are issued. If necessary, the principal may grant more time for students to complete their assignments.

Semester grades are comprised of the average of the two quarter grades in addition to any semester test, project, etc. that has been assigned by the teacher.
At the end of each semester students will be given a semester test in each of their classes.